In an internal combustion engine which injecting gasoline / diesel, the fuel injection is achieved through the nozzle. The sprayed fuel forming a cloud of droplets in the combustion chamber.

So far the number of droplets, ie the degree of dispersion of fuel intended to be as large as possible to ensure better combustion.



Taking a sprayed droplet and analyze the molecular composition of it will find that it consists of molecules of oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, etc., but not in constant quantities and in unequal distances between them


inj1In a sprayed droplet, this molecular heterogeneity and unequal distance from the molecule of oxygen is the main reason that internal combustion engines change their propensity for an increase of speed and maximum torque is achieved at very high RPM.

Innovation of Fpfiters®

inj2Fpfilters® succeeds, with the new FMO®device , that the fuel goes into the nozzle, consisting of uniform particles and droplets are sprayed evenly by molecules in the right proportion to achieve optimum combustion.