Replacement of diesel filter in.. Biodiesel engines

Diesel engines that works with Biodiesel B100 (recycled home oil) having huge problems with their filters.
The fuel filter clogges regularly by the biodiesel so as a result engine stops running and fuel filter needs to be replaced.
The reasons for this are


a) The material that the filter is made from (paper) is not suitable for oil.
b) The glue that holds the filtration material (paper) on the metallic plate in the filter liquifies and clogges filter.
The reason for this is the high temperature of the engine and the high concentration of acid in the oils of the biodiesel.
Fpfilters® manufactures FMO® devices with special metallic porous filters that works with Biodiesel B100.
During installation, we remove the OEM fuel filter, we install in its place the suitable FMO® filter with connection adaptors (when needed) and the problem eliminates without intervention in the fuel lines.

All Fpfilters® parts are 100% recyclable.

Easy installation and NOT permanently.
What we mean not permanently? Fpfilters® by manufacturing special adaptors for every type of vehicles (included in the kit) provide easy installation without intervention in vehicle's fuel line. The kit includes full installation instructions.

® devices have 3 years full guarantee.
All Fpfilters® products can be reused when change vehicles.