The double fmo for diesel engines (Device Code 0822-4092) in the photos is placed clearly AFTER the diesel filter of the manufacturer, which in this case is Ford Transit Connect 1.8cc TDCi 90 HP Turbodiesel, with 136.537 klms.

The double fmo device was placed at 120.000 klms along with (a) a new diesel filter of the manufacturer and (b) a reservoir cleaning process (drained, squeegee the bottom, sprayed the walls and vacuum the contents). Therefore, the layers of sludge and water observed in the photos, is the outcome of only 16.537 klms of use (!!!)


The function of the double fmo device.

The above situation is caused because the diesel filter of the manufacturer fails to uphold successfully the sludge developed in the reservoir which eventually “captured” by the first fmo device. The porosity of the metallic filter enables the fmo device to retain the sludge and transfer the fuel, filter to the second fmo device.
Then, the porosity of the metallic filter in the second device, completes the filtration procedure and transfers the fuel, discharged of any hazards, into the pump, protecting the fuelling system of the car in case