Automatic Fpfilters® 12vDC diesel heater

Mounted optional in FMO® series 0811-XXXX and 0822-XXXX


The problem ....
Diesel fuel is almost a biofuel. It contains paraffin and biodiesel as components. At temperature of 0 0C both components lose their liquidity and thicken. This has as a result that diesel loses its flow, the paraffin and bio crystals clog pores of the filter, the engine loses power until does not start. In such circumstances proper heating of diesel fuel needed.

Solution for defrosing diesel fuel
The Fpfilters® heater with an automatic temperature sensor keeps a constant temperature in diesel fuel throughout engine running.
So we avoid the phenomena of creation paraffin and bio crystals in fuel so we achieve correct flow even at temperature of -20 0C.

Easy installation
FMO® series 0811-XXXX and 0822-XXXX have special installation position where automatic Fpfilters® heater is screwed.
No maintenance required.
Sold separately for installation on FMO®.


All products of Fpfilters® can be reused when changing vehicles.

Installed Fpfilters® 12vDC automatic heater in single and double FMO® device

diesel heated diplodiesel heated mono