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FMO® device for LPG


lpg lineFMO® LPG device function in gas-vehicles

The LPG gas is a mixture of propane and butan in aprox. 60/40 ratio.

During engine running with LPG fuel, the volume of the gas that goes in the cylinders after the injectors is the same in every cylinder, but never in the same propane-butan ratio .

The installation of the FMO® should be in the fuel line before the injectors.

In the inside of the device there is the metallic gas molecule organizer that consists of welded metal beads with fixed gaps between them. The molecules of propane - butane, which is not identical to each other, need different time to pass through the gaps of the metal FMO® organizer,  but the time is every time the same for every molecule when pressure is fixed


Results of the FMO®  device

lpg corner

At the output of the FMO® device the volume of gas has always constant propane-butan ratio and the result is that all cylinders are filled with exactly the same mixture, so produce the same energy.

- After installing FMO® LPG gas device we reduce by up to 10% the quantity of the gas that injectors sprays in all engine rpm range so we achieve up to 8% gas economy.

price: 69€ + VAT

All FMO® devices have 3 years guarantee.